The Sudden rise of Dry Ice Courier service

A solid form of carbon dioxide is sometimes referred to as cardice due to its solid presentation. Primarily used as a cooling substance, dry ice was first discovered in 1835 but it was not until 1924 that it began to be sold commercially. This particular type of ice which is now widely available and
widely used, has a lower temperature than that of water ice which allows it to stay in solid form at room temperature for much longer.

Moreover, this ice is made up of liquid carbon dioxide meaning that when the ice melts it directly transforms from solid to gas leaving no residue behind. This ice with a temperature of -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t melt right away and is used to freeze products where mechanical freezing may not be available. Apart from the obvious use, the product is also used in many chemical experiments some even at school to teach children the importance of these products. With such good uses of dry ice, its demand has increased drastically and so businesses have also been created to provide the consumers this product at their doorsteps.

The dry ice courier service has seen a drastic increase in the past decade and more and more people are trying to live sustainable life by cutting costs and preserving the environment. Many companies in the UK have started doing this on a medium scale, they have temperature monitored vehicles which allows them to keep the product frozen for as long as they want. These companies not only provide dry ice at your doorstep but they even have packages which allow them to deliver products within the same day, however, that may be subject to surplus charges.

Their vehicles most notably the trucks have special setting despite their product being in a secure box. This helps the ice to stay frozen even if the box were to be damaged. With the help of big courier services such as DHL and TCS now its been made possible to ship dry ice anywhere in the world, as new and improved packaging has taken over.

Meeting the customs and FDA requirement, dry ice for medical purposes has become extremely common and their transportation has allowed people with less developed countries to explore the limitless boundaries. However, as dry ice can cause frostbite and hypercapnia it can not be regarded as safe meaning companies need to be extra careful while shipping such substances and always follow the guidelines mentioned by the authorities.

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